About us

KAALO Aid and Development (KAALO) was established in March 1991 just after the collapse of Somali central government; and it is one of the most successful and consistent community based, non-profit, humanitarian and development NGO in Somalia. KAALO operates in the Puntland Regions, and Somalia at large and is involved in relief aid, rehabilitation and development programs in various sectors: Education, Health, Rural Development, Agriculture and livelihood and Governance (Peace, Human Rights, Gender Development, and Democracy and Psycho social issues).

KAALO’s existence since 1991, has implemented over hundred (100) projects in Somalia, mainly in Puntland, with a total worth of over 15 million US Dollars. Most of the partners who have worked with KAALO over the years include the ‘who-is-who’ on the list of reputable international humanitarian and development agencies ranging from the UN agencies to Diakonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), FAO, Action Aid, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – USA, Oxfam, Care International, UNICEF, DPA, UNHCR,UN-Habitat ,UNDP,UNESCO,ILO, IOM, FOA,EU, DIA, STIDIT,and many other organizations. The fact that literary all partners have repeatedly implemented projects with KAALO is also indicative of the organization’s financial management capabilities and reputation.

KAALO’s main focus areas are in livelihoods and productive sector production, health, education, promotion of human rights and democracy, WASH environmental protection. This is directly in line with the KAALO; s long-term vision and efforts to support the vulnerable communities,


KAALO Strives toward improved standards of living and equitable development .


Transforming the lives of the most vulnerable communities in Somalia using sustainable approaches in humanitarian and development interventions

Our Core Values are
• Accountability.
• Transformation.
• Equity.
• Transparency.
• Environmental Sustainability.
Over the years KAALO has been implementing projects
in almost all sectors. However, based on the lessons
learnt from the previous strategy, KAALO, found it
important to redefine her thematic scope based on her
expertise, the felt needs within the communities, the
priority areas in the Revised Puntland Development
Plan (2017-2019) and mission of the organization.
Therefore, going forward, KAALO has adopted the
following as the priority sectors;
1. Livelihoods, Resilience, and Emergency and Humanitarian
Response.2. Human rights, Access to Justice, Women Equality
and Protection.
3. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).
All projects to be implemented will have to be
aligned to these thematic areas in the next 3
years under this strategic plan. This implies that
fundraising will be executed in line with these
sector areas to enable the organization focus on
achieving more impact.
Other sectors that have not been reflected as
priority areas will be treated as either cross
cutting or mainstreaming themes depending on
their relevance and impact on the project being
implemented. Going forward for example, environment
management will be handled as cross
cutting issue under livelihood program. This is
because environment and livelihoods are
inter-related and the interface between these
two has a bearing on the income and food security
of individuals.
To further achieve more focus under the priority
sectors, themes to focus on have been mapped
and agreed upon. Considering the need and the
prevailing development issues in other parts of
Somalia, a decision was also expand our
geographic areas of operation to include South
and Central Somalia.