Aisha’s Story, a Twenty years old mother who lives in IDP camp at eastern Garowe

Aisha Ahmed a 20 years old mother lives in one of the IDP CAMP in the east of Garowe city. She is a mother with two children “Boy & Girl”, she struggling with the lack of care that she received during her pregnancy and delivery time.

Before coming to the IDP camp in the east of Garowe, she came from the south of Somalia where she was born, grew up, and married her lovely husband Ali when she was 17 years old.

Aisha did not get a far level of education and at a young age, she was used to working as a ‘house cleaner’ for the one of houses in her village, to save the life of her family “Her mother, and her younger siblings, “I grew up in a difficult environment that did not allow me to study and realize my dream of becoming a nurse to serve the people in my village specially mothers” Aisha Said.

Ali is the man who married Aisha, he is a simple construction worker, and he doesn’t have a lot to cover his family and his first child’s needs, he wakes up early for looks work opportunities, but sometimes he finds work, other not.

Aisha’s mother MARWO used to work as a cleaner, while her father Ahmed is an old man who could not afford much for his family. In general, Aisha’s family was poor and her life depended on simple daily work that did not cost much for them.

When Aisha gave birth to her son at the age of 18, she had a serious health condition that caused her to be unable to work, and she found it difficult to manage her daily life while raising her son. “I was thinking, when you give birth to your baby, you will work for him, and you can cover his milk, his basic needs, but it was not become that, because of my health conditions” – Aisha states.

She suffered from various illnesses that would have gone away if she had received medical attention, which caused to change in her physical appearance and her beauty.

Once again, Aisha gets pregnant, this time it’s a girl, Aisha is better than before and she is stronger, and more capable of taking care of herself, and there are more options now that her IDP Camp has an MCH “health center” that provides free medical services to all IDPs and the area around it.

In the IDP Camp where Aisha resided, KAALO revitalized and greatly supported the MCH, which offered free medical care and medical counseling to boost the spirits of moms who had preterm babies.

As Aisha was discussing her situation, she stated, “I feel much better now than I did before. I receive free medical care and the medication I require. When I am sick, I visit the girls at “MCH,” where they offer me medicine and wise counsel. I can now go to work and attempt to make changes because KAALO really helped me realize my goal once more”.