Promoting Transparent and Accountable Government in Puntland – KAALO-NED

Promoting Transparent and Accountable Government in Puntland Project Launching Event – KAALO

KAALO in Partnership with National Endowment for Democracy (NED) launched titled “Promoting Transparent and Accountable Government in Puntland”. The main aim of the project is to enhance the capacity of public officials and promote public understanding of the importance of transparency and accountability in a democratic society.

The target groups of the project will be; Public officials (Ministries, Departments and Agencies – Officials, Judiciary – judges, Legislative – MPs) Local Councils, The public – youth, women, elders, Civil Society Organizations – CSOs.

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Ahmed Shire Ahmed, the Deputy Director of KAALO, presented about the project, main objective, target groups, and key activities of the project. Ahmed called all stakeholders to work hard, and contribute efforts in realizing the project objectives. He also thanked the donor partner of NED.


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Salim Mohamed Yusuf, Represeintive  of Puntland Media Associations (MAP), emphasized the role of the media in the good governance, and he called Media and civil society groups to play their role in building the country, and thanked the efforts of KAALO and NED

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Nuur Shire Osman, Director of Puntland Non-State Actors Association (PUNSAA) highlighted the gaps and areas for improvement in both the public and the government, in order to deliver public services in effective and efficient way. He argued the government to take actions in building the good governance in Puntland.



The project was officially opened by Mr. Adbirahmaan Ali Gureye, the Director of Puntland Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Bureau, he stressed on the importance of the project and the willingness of the government of Puntland to tackle corruption practices in the Public sector, and promotion of the public officials understanding on good governance, accountability and transparency.


The duration of the project is 2 years, commencing from April 2016 to March 2018, and the target locations are; Garowe, Gardo, Bosaso and Galkayo districts in Puntland, Somalia.

Key project activities;

  • Scholarly articles on accountability and corruption in conjunction with a local university
  • Broadcast public service announcements on corruption and impunity
  • Documentation on international experience and norms around accountability and transparency
  • Develop an institutional strategic plan around good governance and anti-corruption
  • Training on best practices in good governance and accountability, and advocacy tools to monitor expenditures and promote transparency
  • Forum on the Puntland constitution and the fiduciary and legal responsibilities of public servants and elected officials
  • Forum on analysis of the state budget; breakdown of the revenue and budgeting steps
  • Trainings on transparency and accountability for local councils

The project will be linked to recent statements by the Puntland leadership that 2015-2106 will be a year to start the fight against corruption and to promote accountability. Further linkages will be made with the April 2013 plan from the federal government to promote accountability through its Public Financial Management Reform initiative.

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