KAALO offers a safer Haven through Solar-lighting for Bulomingis IDPs in Bosaso


The Horn of African nation of Somalia has had over thirty years of political unrest, instability, lawlessness, and frequent natural disasters. Over the course of more than three decades, there have been numerous and ongoing risks and tragedies associated with extreme violence, climate change, state disintegration, and dysfunction.


However, the aid organization with partnership GFFO/Oxfam has implemented project titled “Integrated Multi-sector response to (Triple threat) Covid-19, Drought and Locust in Somalia.

GFFO project’s Overall Objectives;

  • To contribute to the reduction of acute humanitarian needs and increase the dignity of most vulnerable men, women and children affected by drought in Puntland.

The project’s Specific Objectives include;

  • To improve access clean and safe water supply for 37,600 IDPs and most vulnerable host communities and improved hygiene practices for men, women and children living in rural areas in Puntland, Somaliland
  • To improve access food and income of 48,840 of vulnerable women, men, girls; boys through immediate life and livelihoods saving assistance and livelihood recovery support through cash and market-based approaches
  • To strength 21,000 of crisis-effected individuals composing of men, women, girls and boys in target communities through protection capacities and improved safety and dignity through a community-based protection response


Brief Introduction

In this narrative report, the KAALO Aid and Development Organization aims to investigate in this narrative report how the protection intervention under the GFFO project has improved the living conditions of the internally displaced people (IDPs) at Bulomingis IDP Camp in Bosaso town, Puntland’s commercial hub in northeastern Somalia, as well as the host community.

The community leader, members of the Women Forum, members of Village Saving & Loans (VSL) and Protection Volunteers, as well as the operator of the solar-installed borehole, were among the individuals with whom it had the opportunity to speak one-on-one. Each of these individuals had a fascinating and distinct tale to share!.


Bulomingis IDP Camp, a Place Bursting of Social Diversity

Bulomingis is an internally displaced person camp in Puntland’s Bosaso commercial town.

It serves as a home to hundreds of houses, housing both a sizable population from the host town and displaced people from southern Somalia who was forced to flee their unsafe and subpar living conditions. The camp is home to Ethiopian refugees as well.

The IDP camp population had experienced hardships because of robberies, armed violence at night, and unchecked occurrences of rape of women and girls because there was not enough solar lighting in the houses and streets.

According to interviews, KAALO learned that the camp had local communities, which meant that their living conditions had been difficult recently. However, through KAALO’s Projects interventions from latrine constructions, distribution of hygiene kits, solar-lighting on the streets, and in the houses; to borehole solar-installation had greatly contributed the living conditions of the local community in Bulomingis IDP camp.

Women and girls in Somalia are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse related to conflict both in host communities and when traveling to and staying in densely populated IDP settlements. The massive influx of IDPs into important towns and villages around the nation may also make it more difficult for vulnerable populations to feel safe.


KAALO Installed Solar Lighting Makes Everything Easier, Reduced Risks at Night: Lul Omar

Introducing Lul Omar, a 27-year-old mother of four who is presently residing in the Bulomingis IDP camp in the Puntland Somalian commercial town of Bosaso- Omar shares her thoughts on the solar lights that KAALO erected, of which she is a receipt.

“Previously I used to my night routine works using a torch. Every other week, I had to buy a new one; it was costly for that matter. So imagine a whole family using torch for their lighting purpose”. Lul Omar, KAALO’s Bulomingis solar-lighting receipt; narrated.

She added: But now KAALO’s portable solar-lights makes everything easier for me. No longer has security threated in the area. I prepare supper for the family. I use it for other stuff in the house, like the case for the latrine use”.

Photo: Lul Omar, 26, a mother of four cutting off potato for her evening supper as KAALO’s household-solar-light is on


KAALO Offers Safe Haven for Bulo-Mingis IDPs, Puntland: Deputy Community leader

The unyielding of darkness in Bulomingis IDP camp in Bosaso Puntland, the insecurity and fear during entire hours of night, the community endure such unthinkable experience, all that resulted due to lack of street lighting and house lighting. There was little business activities in the area, the camp’s deputy leader, Anab Nur Osman recalled.

Violence against Women, Girls Reduced Due to KAALO’s Solar-lighting: Deputy Community Leader

“The area was too dark. Residents in the Bulomingis camp used to struggle during the night because it was dark inside and outside. Anab Nur, the deputy community leader stated: “Furthermore, there weren’t many business operations in the neighborhood.”

She added “They used to shut down at 6:00 p.m. There were rape cases against local women and girls. The installation of solar lights by KAAL has decreased violence against women and girls, including rape.

Thus, that changed for the better. KAALO offered safe haven for every community member in the camp”.

On the improved security in the camp, the deputy community leader continued saying that; “the unimpeded violence could occur under the shadow of darkness. So, it was terrible, I would say so!

“It’s now a different story all together. Thanks to KAALO organization. We are happy simply because women, girls and the entire community in the camp feel safe and sound due to the solar-lights. Businesses open later in the night. While appealing for KAALO and its partners, donors, she urged that KAALO should redouble its efforts, to help the displaced persons in the camp in the areas of WASH, Protection, Health, and Education.

Although solar lighting is relatively new in Somalia’s larger towns and villages, KAALO Aid and Development Organization is committed to using project interventions to support host communities and vulnerable internally displaced people (IDPs) throughout Somalia..

KAALO Solar-lights Symbolizes hope for IDPs in Bulo-mingis, BosasoPhoto: Hassan Mohamed Osman, 37, father of 17 children in his small shopping kiosk in Bulo-mingis.

Nevertheless, meet Hassan Mohamed Osman, a 37-year-old father of 17 lovely children, as he discusses the advantages of KAALO’s solar street lighting and household solar lighting for his small business kiosk.  Mohamed said “In the past, I could manage my business at night. Not only was there no lighting inside the house, but there were no street lights in nearby area. Because of such darkness, I used to make less money. I consider myself quite fortunate because KAALO erected street lights around the edge of my house”.

So I’m benefiting solar-lights from outside and within the house. I added some extra lighting in the shop, so I could attract more customers. I must say that KAALO rose up my hope high, to secure my living and that of my family”.

On the other hand, Osman asked KAALO to provide more protection trainings, so that they could be able to mobilize the local communities to ensure their well-being, safety and protection is being taken care of.

In the midst of life circumstances, KAALO’s solar-lights surely represent more than solar-lights, but rather symbolize courage, hope, empowerment and brighter future, for both IDPs and host community in the area.

KAALO’s Household Solar Light Helps IDPs Wash Clothes in the Night

Through KAALO’s GFFO project, it makes life-saving impact for the IDPs community in Bulo-mingis in Bosaso town; in respect to house-based solar lighting.

Suldamo is a tiny-vender, selling sweets, and fruits and vegetables in the streets in her neighborhoods in Bosaso town during the day. She is the only breadwinner for the family!

Suldamo Mohamed, 28, a mother of six children is a clear indication that her family benefited such intervention, as photo shown here points-out.

In an interview with KAALO team, Suldamo said: “Before KAALO, the idea of washing family clothes during the night wasn’t there in mind.

I used to do it during the early hours of the day. But, now I’m washing family clothes as everybody can see”. “So it helps us without any doubt”. Mohamed stated it.

Summary of Lessons Learned;

  • Programs for community-based protection and consultation are better ways to address the issue of community protection. Thus, the problem and raised awareness because they instill a feeling of responsibility and educate local populations about issues pertaining to hygiene and its promotion.
  • Developing the local community’s capacity through training is a good way to implement and maintain strong results for protection project initiatives.
  • In order to guarantee the target sector and the peoples, cooperation between the aid organization and the local community is essential and must be utilized throughout the development and programming of protection projects.

The Way Forward;

With the help of its partners and kind contributors, the relief group hopes to carry on offering vulnerable internally displaced people and host communities in Somalia a life-saving assistance while tackling the everyday struggles they face.

In order to achieve sustainable development, it also aims to liberate society from ignorance and poverty and enhance the standard of living for Somalis by meeting their fundamental requirements in an environmentally responsible and morally good manner.


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