Legal Assistance and Protection Project for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Bossaso, Galkayo, Gardo and Garowe

This is the achievements of the legal assistance and protection project funded by UNCHR and implemented KAALO Aid and Development.  The project commenced on 1 January 2016 and ended 31 Dec 2016.


The project activities were mainly provision of legal services included legal counselling and court representations and capacity building  trainings to the law enforcements, Refugees and asylum seekers and  tradition elders and  host community village committees on Basic human right ,  Conflict resolutions and peaceful co-existence in all project locations.


During the Project, the total number of refugees and asylum seekers provided legal assistance were 294 Person of concerns.  Project planned to reach 200 PoC, but fortunate the project reached 294 of PoC access to legal justice and remedies.


In Addition to that KAALO also conducted 10 capacity enhancement training in all project location for law enforcement, Traditional elders, refugees and asylum seekers and host community committees.


The capacity enhancement trainings that provided by KAALO to the Police prosecutors, refugees and asylum seekers, traditional elders and host Community village committees were participated 370 persons. 288 of the participants were male while 82 were female.


As a result of the trainings conducted, participants have taken individual pledges that they will respect and protect the rights of the all people including refugees and IDPs. In the group discussions, the trainees acknowledged presence of pockets of discrimination against minorities including refugees in the law enforcements, but, they however granted that they will stand to fight against discrimination and promote the rights for all.


PoC Provided Legal Assistance by Location


The PoC provided legal assistance were mainly from Bossaso which represented 64% of the total cases reported during the project, while Garowe 24%, Qardho 10% and Galkaio 2%.  In Galkaio there is no lawyer which report the case on daily basis only visited there needed some intervention that is why cases reported in Galkaio is only 2%.


PoC Provided Legal Assistance by nationality

The refugees and asylum seekers provided legal assistance in all project locations 73 % were Ethiopian while 27 % were Yemenis. As the Population of the concerns depicted in project descriptions  shows  that Ethiopian are the main PoC living in Puntland so still they are ones provided legal assistances.


PoC Provided Legal Assistance by Gender

The Person of Concern provided legal assistance 68% were Male while 38 % Were Female. This shows that most PoC were provided  legal assistance were  Male because they are more subjected to be arrested  or had personal conflict than female


Type of cases Provided legal Assistance


KAALO provided legal assistance of 294 cases.  35% of the cases were detention where KAALO provided legal Protection to release and 80 % of the detentions reported from Bossaso While rest of the cases were other project locations.  14% of the cases were mainly disputes on rents or tenancy issue where most of such cases handle through mediation between the parties.  11 % of cases were Injury caused by accident or fight between two parties such cases most were referred to traditional elders to handle or sometimes ended by the court.


In addition the domestic violence cases reported during the project were 7 % of the total cases. Such cases most ended by court or sometimes through mediation.  Same percentage the cases of personal conflicts cases.


Finally 8% of the cases reported   on 2016, were insecurity/ threat cases were most of change cases reported to the police and other cases were also referred to UNHCR.

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