Governance and Human Right

KAALO has been working in the human rights and governance programming sector for the last 10 years. During this period, KAALO has implemented several related projects aimed at eliminating all forms of human rights violations and in particular violence against women and children and marginalized groups as well as improving access to justice.

KAALO also worked on governance programming in the areas of elections monitoring, civic and voter education accountability and transparency, engagement in civil society on advocacy, and lobbying on issues pertaining to the needs of the communities. The following are included models and approaches used in this sector.



Promotion of Human rights

– Community Conversations Model
– Social norm transformation in gender
– Civic education Promotions
– IEC and Media Messaging
– Forums and Meetings
– Legal Aid services

Access to justice

– Capacity building in the judiciary
– Community Paralegals

Accountability and Transparency

– Education and awareness

– Capacity building to rights holder and duty bears

– Social dialogue with duty bearer

– Information sharing

– Accountability Forums

– Dissemination of Annual Reports and publication

– Social debates

Advocacy and Lobbying

– Mobilization of CSOs and Inuencing groups

– Media Engagement (social media, radio, and TVs)

– Policy brief Productions

– Forums and Meetings

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