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The person appearing on the photo is called Sahlan Mohamud Ahmed who has been supported by Diakonia through KAALO to establish her new business. Abdirizak Mohamed Hair, the phographer took the picture in Bargal town, 14th June 2020. The picture was taken from the consent of Sahlan.


This success story is about a lady who successfully benefited from economic support provided by Diakonia through KAALO. She is a mother who has taken the repsonsiblity of her children after her husband passed away. Due to her hard working and being a responsible person she has driven her family out of provert

The Story

Sahlan Mohamoud Ahmed is leading a successful small business that has benefited both her individual life and her family. She earns $5 as profit every day. Provision of economic opportunities for Sahlan Mohamoud has enabled her to earn a living and get out of poverty. She is a 29 year old mother of 4 Children, who lives in Bargal, Puntland state of Somalia. She has taken the responsibility of her family and filled the gap left by her passed husband.

“I started this business on February 2020 and I earn a monthly profit of minimum $150”.

Sahlan Said

“This business has enabled me to get access for my children to get education by paying the school fee, and other basic needs at home such as food and clothing.” Sahlan added. At the moment she is leading a different life after benefiting from CIVSAM project that offers Economic opportunities for women and youths. She recievied business start up fund, after she came up with a business idea of selling Gas cylinders. Sahlan was a housewife and did not have any source of livelihood before this support. He parents are old and some of her brothers and sisters are unemployed while others are in school. Before the intervention she and her children were financially dependent on relatives who could not provide them full financial assistance.

Sahlan’s goal is to continue working hard and expand her business to be a successful business woman. Her business is connected to Yemen, and she get gas cylinders from two ways; Bosaso, city port and business city of Puntland state of Somalia, which is about 350 km to the west and fishing boats from Yemen which anchor to inshore of Bargal and collect fish from the sea water of Indian Ocean. She said that gas-cylinders from Yemen are cheaper than those from Bosaso. Transportation f goods from Bosaso is difficult, because the road is very rough and transportation cost is high. But she is compled to deal with the difficulty.

Sahlan has paid regularly the fee for her busines lisence and tax for the local government. She has made easier for the communty to get Gass Cylinder for cooking by enabling Gas cylinder’s local availability and also environmental conservation. Her business is among the fight against severly choarcool burning taking place in Somalia.
“Business that worked for her. Staying flexible and open to new possibilities can lead to great things and as can hard work. Sahlan clearly stated that entering the workforce can be challenging in any field, but especially one as competitive as the selling cooking gas cylinders, even if you don’t have the formal training, you can make up for it with passion and hard work, just like she did. “when you are starting business, you are being flooded with advice from all sides business owners, family and friends, but in the end I have made my own decisions”.
Sahlan said that she worried about her youngest child who is under the school age and remains at home. “Finding the right person to take care of your children or loved ones while you’re at work can feel nearly impossible”. Sahlan said. She added to that though nobody can fully take her place, but her parents and family members help for caring the children when she is at work.
Sahlen was politely asked several questions about her business success and by answering that she said that to succeed in business, before you start you must check your business idea and have to think that success is possible. She believes that, having negative thoughts about your business makes you less effective, less able to work on the hard problems you need to solve. She always keeps her business moving in the direction.
“My town has good business opportunities, like fishing and farming, but requires handful fund. As you know unemployment and poverty goes side by side. Young people after a long time of unemployment find the wrong way to earn money or accept wrong deeds to rid of unemployment stress. My business is very small with small profit, at same time, I help the young people by giving advice to uplift hope and bring ideas for creating ways that enable them to cross the poverty bridge”. Sahlan said. She presented that she has gained more knowledge of business and is thinking of opening more shops at nearby towns. But concerned how to get financial support. She willing to contact local banks to ask for credit.

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