KAALO has responded to the Gu’ floods in Baladweyne Hirshabelle region

Since the beginning of the Gu’ seasonal (April-June) rains have caused floods that have destroyed shelters, latrines, farmland, washed away livestock, temporarily closed schools and damaged other household and community assets. According to the UN OCHA flash and riverine floods situation report in May 2023 for Hirshabelle State, the Shabelle River water level have risen in Beletwyene, flooding the town and nearby villages.

About 90 percent of the town’s population – estimated by partners at about 250,000 people including protracted displaced families – have been affected, many leaving their homes for higher ground in Ceeljaale, Ceelgaal, Banaaneey, Qowlad, Ex-airport and Hiraan Bille villages / locations, outside of the town. At least three people have reportedly drowned in the town so far. Most of Hirshabelle State is still struggling with the drought that has killed tens of thousands of people and wiped-out crops and livestock.

In Beledweyne, crops have been submerged by flood waters and this is going to push even more families into hunger and destitution. Due to the recent floodings in Somalia people are finding themselves in a crisis characterized by displacements and poor sanitation conditions leading to high incidences and probability of acute watery diarrhea (AWD)/cholera.

The flood effected communities in Beletwyene District in Hiran region in Somalia needs urgent assistance in WASH intervention and EFSL interventions (emergency food security and livelihood). The intervention will be taking place in Beletwyene Town and the outskirt Villages of Ceeljaale, Ceelgaal, Banaaneey, Qowlad, Ex-airport and Hiraan Bille villages located 30 km, away from the town. 

In response to this crisis in Baladweyne Hirshabelle state, KAALO has supported more than 450 households with unconditional cash transfers and water trucking to save their lives, Also KAALO has supplied Latrine systems and sanitation supplies in the townships without a sanitary system and latrines.

In addition, KAALO has conducted trainings and awareness raising on hygiene and sanitation in the areas under Baladweyne district to increase public awareness regarding hygiene and sanitation.