KAALO has implemented and handed over a Desalination plant in Ceeldahir village

KAALO has implemented and handed over a desalination plant in Ceel-dahir village, this was under the support of GFFO/OXFAM.

The desalination and purification in Ceeldahir contain a desalination plant, two water tanks 25m3, a Generator 60KVA, the construction of a warehouse, and a poster pump that pumps the fresh water from the plant to the town’s main storage Tank.

The desalination plant will produce 10m3/h which produces 50 barrels/hour of fresh water, also this project will benefit 10,000HH and will be used for drinking and irrigation purposes.

The management role of this project will collaborate with Ceeldahir Water Company and Puntland Water Development Agency (PWDA).

This project was implemented by KAALO/OXFAM and Donated by the German Federal Foregain Office (GFFO).