Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment in Somalia

Somalia is among the world’s most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change, which are to a large degree the result of poverty, environmental degradation, displacement, and conflict.

Currently KAALO Aid and Development conducted Somalia/Somaliland level Climate change vulnerability assessment particularly in:

• Puntland
• Somaliland
• Jubland
• Southwest
• Galmudug
• Hirshabele

The overall objective is to undertake a Climate Change Vulnerability assessment to understand which people and which areas are most at risk and why.
This information can subsequently be used to :
• Inform participatory action planning processes that lead to community-driven and owned adaptation, as well as livelihood upgrading processes.
• Identify lower risk areas where climate-resilient alternative socioeconomic activities could be established.
• Develop targeted early warning systems, training programs in environmental management and DRR, community capacity building, alternative livelihood strategies, etc.
• Future advocacy planning; Select, prioritize, and design appropriate resilient development options

Through under the Support for Strengthening Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Somalia Project and funded by Green Climate Fund (GCF) and UNDP as the Delivery Partner.