Immediate Water Trucking for Beledweyne Flood-Affected Households

KAALO has started water trucking that targeted 1,600 households for flood-affected communities in Beled-Wayne, the main objective is to provide immediate water access to 1,600 flood-affected households in Baladweyn through one month of water trucking activities. This is to address the immediate water needs of flood-affected households, reduce the impact of the floods, improve WASH conditions, and contribute to Somalia’s emergency response and preparedness efforts. Also Improving WASH Services while supporting Somalia’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for July – December 2023. Outcome: 240 water bowsers will be distributed, delivering 45 liters per day per household for 30 days. This initiative aims to mitigate flood impacts and enhance water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions in the affected area.