Cyclone report on severely affected areas


From 10th to 14th November 2013, a team of Kaalo Aid and Development organization, consisting of
three persons extended visits to more than 20 villages and settlements which are located in the
severely affected areas by the tropical cyclone under Dangorayo and Eyl districts of Nugal region. The
team also visited rural households of about 1500 affected families in the nearby valleys and
witnessed the dead livestock of more than thousands, debriefed families, whose livestock were killed
by the floods and icy rain and their houses were swept away by the flash floods Isku-shub, Qaroonweyn,
Shoog-shinbir, Xoolo-keen, Balli-shillin, Shillin-buur, Gal-hareen, Sarmaan, Lo-fadhi, Tabin,
Raqraq, Ceelmadoobe, Xajiin, Ban-xaar, Biyo-caddo, Bardo-sheel, Tuur, Qarxis, Budunto, Baarwayn,
Garmaal, Kabaal, La-dega, Maraye, Gabac, Odol, Baq-baq, Bogax-ujeeddo, and Har-qaboobe, and Dhirwaraabe



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