Empowering Vet Pharmacies and Transforming Animal Healthcare in Jarriban District

Kaalo’s Vet Drugs: Empowering Vet Pharmacies and Transforming Animal Healthcare in Jarriban District

Jarriban District falls under Mudug region, in Ballibusle and Salah villages, KAALO is implementing a transformative initiative which has been making a significant positive impact on the accessibility and quality of veterinary drugs. Through their support, KAALO has empowered local vet pharmacies, resulting in improved animal healthcare within the rural communities. During the site monitoring and evaluation, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Mohamed Abdi Mohamoud, the owner of Ballibusle Vet Pharmacy, who shared a remarkable success story.

On meeting Mr. Mohamoud, the owner of Ballibusle Vet Pharmacy, he first expressed his gratitude for the support provided by KAALO. He emphasized the exceptional quality of the vet drugs supplied and the positive feedback received from the rural community. He noted that Pastoralist who have purchased and administered drugs from Ballibusle Vet Pharmacy to their animals have been reporting remarkable recoveries and successful treatments.

Popular Drug Items:

Mr. Mohamoud further explained that the two most sought-after drug items by the community were Tylovet and Unicord. These medications play a vital role in combating various animal ailments and improving their overall health. Additionally, he revealed that he often accompanied the rural community on vaccination campaigns, ensuring the welfare of their animals.

Affordability for the Community:

KAALO helped the pharmacy owner by providing them with high-quality veterinary drugs, KAALO suggested selling the drugs at a lower price to help the rural community and following their advice, Mr. Mohamoud reduced the prices. This decision made a positive impact, ensuring that the community could afford the necessary medications for their animals. It was a successful endeavor that improved access to affordable vet care and contributed to the well-being of the animals in the area Mr Mohamoud said.

Ensuring Continuity:

Mr. Mohamoud narrated how he made sure there were always enough drugs available at his vet pharmacy. When he ran out of stock, he personally goes to Galkaio to get more supplies also suggests that his business has become more profitable. This commitment has ensured that he always had the medicines needed and could meet the community’s demands effectively.

Appreciation and Commitment

Mr. Mohamoud expressed his deep appreciation for KAALO’s ongoing support. He highlighted the significant difference in the availability of quality drugs between the past and present. The improved accessibility has positively impacted the health and well-being of the animals in the community.