KAALO 2024 Annual Staff Retreat Meeting


KAALO annual retreat meeting is a significant gathering that provides an opportunity for the entire KAALO staff to come together and reflect on the organization’s performance over the past year. It serves as a platform to openly discuss the lessons learned from both successes and challenges, while also laying out the roadmap for future and initiatives in the upcoming year. The retreat creates a collaborative environment where valuable feedback is shared, various challenges and ideas are presented, and crucial information is exchanged among the staff members. This meeting plays a vital role in fostering teamwork, innovation, and forward-thinking strategies within KAALO.

On February 28th -30th 2024, KAALO held  Annual retreat meeting at at Dream Point Hotel, Garowe, Puntland-Somalia. The objective of Annual Retreat meeting  was

  1. To Sensitize  and educate  to KAALO staff on key pre-requisite trainings  on In Safeguarding and PSEA, Anti-corruption and Anti-Fraud Awareness, Safety and Basic First Aid
  2. To strengthen staff feedback, build relationships, promote collaboration and teamwork.
  3. To review and discuss the Key achievements, challenges, and lesson learns 
  4. To inform key organization changes and next year’s plans to staff

The meeting was opened by Mohamud Hamid Mohamed, KAALO’s Executive Director, he highlighted several issues: firstly, He thanked to ALLAH, who made it possible to hold such important meeting, after that, he appreciated to All KAALO staff for their commitment and gathering to this crucial event. The ED has highlighted the 2023 milestones and plans for 2024.

The Executive Director noted the following remarkable achievements for the year 2023:

  • Successfully implementing 31 projects with 10 different donors.
  • Increasing the number of KAALO staff from 63 to 92 individuals, with 35% being female and 65% male.
  • Setting up a new digitized accounting system using Microsoft Dynamics 365, aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability to donors, beneficiaries, and stakeholders.
  • Expanding physical presence by opening two field offices in Beletweyne, Hiran Region, and Mogadishu, Banadir Region.

Additionally, the Executive Director highlighted the 2024 plans:

  • Opening additional field offices in Kismayo, Las ‘Anod of Lower Juba Region, and Sool region respectively.
  • Reviewing operational manuals (Finance, HR, and procurement) in line with the newly established digitized system.
  • Recruiting additional technical advisors to closely work with sectoral managers and fundraising departments.

The program agenda began after the opening and consisted of a three-day program with key information sessions and capacity-strengthening sessions. The program included presentations, group discussions, individual staff feedback, and interactive sessions with staff at different levels.


The annual staff retreat meeting was a resounding success, achieving its objectives of team building, reflection, and planning. The retreat provided a valuable platform for employees to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the organization’s growth. It fostered a positive and inclusive work culture and set a strong foundation for the upcoming year.