EU launches Puntland fisheries programme


Today, the EU and Oxfam launched the Puntland component of the new 3 year program aiming at enhancing Somali artisanal fisheries production, including processing and trade, and the related coastal management. The project launched today is part of a 5 million EUR programme that will be implemented in Puntland and Somaliland and will be expanded to other Somali regions if successful.


The specific component for Puntland will be implemented by Oxfam and the local agency KAALO in partnership with the Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. It will initiate capacity building for the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, improve fisheries technology, develop a licensing system and quality control standards, establish a market information sharing network, provide information on the health benefits of fish products and conduct environmental assessments of the coastal zones.


“Our coastline supports a fishing industry that we aim to develop further. Through this project the technical capacity of the ministry will be improved, and this will expand the fishing industry. We look forward to working with the EU, Oxfam and KAALO to successfully implement this project”, said Abdi Nour Elmi Mohamud, Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources.


“There is a huge and untapped fishing potential that could bring important economic benefits to the coast,” explained the EU Special Envoy, Michele Cervone d’Urso. “We are very happy to support this timely initiative that will feed families, diversify livelihoods in coastal communities, create new job opportunities, stimulate fish production and export, and create an essential source of income for Somalis.”


“Improved fishing techniques, improved processing, and marketing of fish products are critical to the livelihoods of many people on the coast,” said Enzo Vecchio, Country Director for Oxfam. “Over the long term, this program will serve to build the resilience of local communities.”


“This new project is an excellent opportunity to move the Somali fishing industry towards modernization. New methods will improve the business for our fishermen, and this in turn will bring more prosperity to their families and communities,” said Mohamud Hamid Mohamed, Executive Director of KAALO.


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