Brief Introduction about launching the project

Public and private sector institutional capacity building and strengthening PROJECT in puntland”




On 23rd June, 2014, Oxfam and KAALO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Puntland launched a project that will focus on strengthening the Ministry’s capacity on marketing, support policy improvement on licensing, engage in advocacy at local and international levels, and enhance knowledge of the Ministry staff.


The project is funded by European Commission for three years, from May 2014 to April. 2017.


This Project is aimed at achieving two results:


Result 1:


Capacity of the Ministries of Fisheries and Marine Resources to manage effectively marine resources and the coastal environment is strengthened


Result 2: 


Policy and regulations for protection and sustainable management of marine resources and coastal environment in Somaliland and Punt land formulated and implemented



High level government dignitaries participated in the launching ceremony and these include the Vice-President of Puntland – chief guest, Vice Minister of Fishery and Marine Resources, Minister of Women and Family affairs, Vice Minister of Planning and International Co-operations, Vice Minister of Commerce and Industries, Vice Minister of Democratization and as well the DG of the Ministry of Fishery and Marine Resources of Puntland and many other government officials.



The launch was also graced by civil society organisations, women, traditional leaders, the youth and the private sectors.


It is hoped that the project will be vital in improving the capacity of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Puntland so that it is enabled to contribute to the improvement of the lives of the people in Puntland through access to and markets of marine resources while conserving the environment along the coastal zone.


At the launch, the Oxfam representative, Mr. Aidid welcomed and expressed gratitude to the people who attended the ceremony and briefed them about aim and the importance of the project.


The Oxfam Policy and Advocacy Adviser for the Somalia programme, Ms Nimo Jirdeh shared with the participants, the components of the project and reiterated that the project will enhance the human recourse capacity of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, improve fisheries technology, develop a licensing system and quality control standards, establish a market information sharing network, provide information on the health and dietary benefits of fish products in Puntland and conduct environmental assessments along the coastal zones.


KAALO Executive Director, Mohamud Hamid Mohamed also thanked the participants for their attendance and indicated that the project is the first of its kind focusing on empowering the ministry so that it is enabled to fulfil its mandate. He also mentioned that there are two Projects supporting the Puntland fisheries sector: LOTI under STIDIT and LOTII under Oxfam (both funded by EC) and that KAALO is fortunatel to have been given chance to participate in the implementation process of the two projects.


The Oxfam Campaign and Policy Manager who doubled as Oxfam Country Director that week, Mr. Ed Pomfret, reiterated in his speech that this Project is one of the Projects through which Oxfam intends to enhance the capacity of the Government Institutions. He shared with the Participants that Puntland has a long coastline with more abundant marine resources that need to be accessed and utilised to better the lives of the Puntlant people – through fish consumption for improved diet and marketing to earn income.


The EU Representative, Mr. Philippe, revealed that the EU donated a 5 Million Euros for developing the infrastructures and Capacity of the fisheries sector in Puntland and Somaliland in two projects categorised as LOT1 and LOT2 and indicated that this Project is one of the many projects that the EU fund in Somalia. He hopped the project implementers will work towards improving the lives of the people in the Somali region.


DG of Ministry of Fishery and Marine Resources, Mr. Abdiwahid Hersi explained how Puntland can utilize the sea resources to transform the Puntland economy and improve incomes of her citizens.


Vice-Minister of Ministry of Fishery and Marine Resources thanked Oxfam, KAALO and EU for their generous support and promised that they will collaborate with them to get advantage of the fund and make the project a success. He also highlighted that the Ministry will do its best to achieve the intended project outcomes.


Vice Minister of Planning and International Cooperation thanked EU, Oxfam and KAALO, and informed the participants that this project is one of the best projects that directly support the implementation government plans in the fisheries sector. He also thanked the EU which is one of the major donors that have genuinely been supporting the Somali people since the collapse of the central government of Somalia.



The Vice-President of Punt land, His Excellence Eng. Abdihakim Abdillahi Omar, who was the chief guest at the launching ceremony, reiterated in his concluding remarks that the project is timely and it is in line with government priorities of developing the fishing sector to improve the lives of the people through income generation and environmental conservation. He expressed gratitude to the European Union for her generous financial support to the government of Puntland that finance development initiatives that tend towards achieving the millennium development goals that relate to fighting poverty and improving incomes. He thanked the good work that Oxfam and KAALO are doing in several projects that they implement in Puntland. He promised to total government support to this project and that government will closely monitor the work that will be done under the project to ensure project finances are put to its proper use and the project achieves its intended objectives.




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