KAALO has conducted skill training and awareness on GREEN FODDER growing for the farmers of Jariban district.

KAALO, which participates in raising the quality and knowledge of agricultural professionals in Jariban, Mudug region, has raised awareness about the modern method of cultivating green grass without soil (Green Fodder) for more than 100 households in the district. This awareness was accompanied by separate focus training on how to plant Green Fodder which was conducted for 50 households in the district. This skill training and awareness will help local farmers increase the production of fodder for livestock by reducing the need for readily available nutritious fodder and eliminating the need for time-consuming forage used to import for animals.

The project name is “Fodder Production for agro-pastoralist Communities through Hydroponic Techniques” is a 6-month pilot project that will teach the farming community how to easily grow Green Fodder in order to produce fodder for their livestock in times of drought or when there are grass limitations.

KAALO always focuses on improving the knowledge and quality of agricultural professionals across Somalia.