KAALO in collaboration with GIZ conducted a skill training program for 40 young people

Kaalo Aid and Development Organization, which focuses on improving the skills and knowledge of young people to create opportunities for employment, gave 40 young people a 4-month training program on Power (Electricity, Solar, and Cooling system) and Auto mechanics.

The program lasted for a period of 4 months and trained the students in the Power and electrical system, maintenance of the cooling system, Solar Installation, and its maintenance. The students who received the training were taught the skill of maintenance of vehicles (Auto-mechanics) of different types.

At the completion of the program, KAALO provided all the tools and equipment needed for applying this skill.

The trainees were Certified by the KAALO and GIZ which supported this project, as well as the Puntland government, with certificates of the skills that they had learned during the 4-month period.

In general, KAALO always focuses on the development of society by producing educated young people who can be useful to society in the near future.