Puntland Youth for Peace Building & Democracy









This project has been Funding by National Endowment for Democracy and implemented by Kaalo Relief and Development.

Time frame of the project: from 1st October 2011 – 31st January 2012.


The capacity building project design is based on the belief that young people are the best resource for promoting their development, and that they must be both architects and agents in meeting the challenges and solving the problems faced in Puntland. The project will to empower the youth by placing them in a variety of enabling conditions and provide them with the necessary tools and training to develop them to become drivers of peace building and democracy. This will be done by forming a core group of TOT youth trainers who are committed to promoting youth capacity in advocating for peace, democracy human rights and youth development.

These youth trainers will be selected from the seven regions of Puntland State (Sool/Sanag/Bari/Mudug/Nugal/Karkaar/ Ayn ) and will participate in institutional capacity building, human rights and peace and democracy advocacy trainings with focus empowering youth to be agents for peace and democracy transformation.

The Projects needs analysis workshop, orientation and training for trainers programmes and structured volunteer projects to promote youth sensitization on their rights and inspire them to play their role in peace building and democracy sufficiently.

The project is implementing by KAALO Relief & development Organization in partnership with National Endowment for Democracy (NED) .

THE Over All Objective of the project is to consolidate principles of participatory democracy and the respect of human rights in Puntland by strengthening the ability of its youth to actively participate and engage in their own communities.

This quarterly report highlights the activities conducted during this reporting period from 1st October 2011 to 31st January 2012.

Planned Activities

1. conducting TOT in Human Rights for 30 youth umbrellas in Puntland

2. conducting Peace Building Training for 30 youth umbrellas in Puntland

The specific objectives of the training were:

1. To explore the principles, policies and practice underpinning human rights based development.

2. To enhance the participant’s skills in programming on this basis through providing a supportive environment in which both development and human rights activists can pool learning to adapt existing skills.

3. To raise participant’s self-awareness in terms of behavior, attitudes and values in undertaking human rights based development. Participants are facilitated in approaching their own human rights trainings to enhance skills in training facilitation, teamwork, building relationships, communication, advocacy and designing strategic partnerships.

Participants gained sufficient knowledge in human rights and approaches of training others in human rights. Each umbrella developed a work plan to train other members in human rights, as they pledged to organize debates on human rights and democracy promotion via the media in Puntland.


• To define conflict and understand how to apply conflict analysis tools

• To understand the role of peacemakers and name qualities and skills that are required for effective and positive leadership

• To assess own leadership qualities and identity areas for improvement

• To learn skills needed for effective communication with their target audience

• To understand what “team” and “teamwork” mean, including developing trust when working

• To use peace building skills—leadership, communication, teamwork, and empowerment skills— to negotiate through a problem

• To apply the above in designing and implementing strategies to promote peaceful approaches to clan-related conflict.


Saalim Said saalim

Project Manager

Puntland Youth for Peace Building

Email: [email protected]