Training in Jariban, Eil and Garowe districts in August to September 2012

Report on Procurement and Contract Management Training in Jariban, Eil and Garowe districts in August to September 2012

Project title: JPLG/Procurement and Contract Management  Training for new districts
New Districts Jariban and  Eil districts
Number of participants 40 persons, 20 for each district.
Duration 9days for each district
Venue in Jariban district Local Government Meeting Hall
Venue in Eil district Local Government Meeting Hall
Mature District Refresher Training of Procurement for Garowe
Venue Local government meeting hall
Duration 2 days
Funding Agency UNPOS
Line Ministry Ministry of Interior and Local governments
Implementing Agency KAALO
Venue in Jariban district Local Government Meeting Hall
Venue in Eil district Local Government Meeting Hall
Venue in Garowe district Local Government Meeting Hall




Procurement and Contract Management training for Local government is a part of the Joint Programme for Local governments for bett

service delivery and power decentralization. The objectives of this training include to building the capacity of the District councils and the staff of local governments to enable them to conduct district procurement and manage their own contracts without need for any outside help. This training is important for the district councils and the staff because it helps them to organize for development activities that accountable, transparent and good value for money.

KAALO has been responsible for holding procurement and contract management training for the councils and staff of two new districts that are Jariban and Eil districts and one mature district that is Garowe. These trainings have been completed with the achievement of their objectives and expected outcomes.

Workshop Timetable for New Districts (Jariban and Eil)


Day 1 Content
8;00 -8:30 Introduction, welcome, registration,  opening remarks, objectives and ground rules
8:30 -10:00 Introduction to procurement and its definition,

District planning and budgeting process,10:00 -10:30 Tea Break10:30 -12:00Community consultation, assessing needs and prioritizing12:00Leave for lunchDay 2 8:00- 8:15Recap, Q and Answers8:15 – 10:00Participatory and budgeting process, forecasting of resources,

,10:00-10:30Tea Break10:30- 12:00How to develop District Development Framework, how to prepare annual work plan,12:00Leave for lunchDay 3 8:00- 8:15Recap, Q and A8:15 – 10:00Why procurement is important for district projects, the role of district council in the procurement process.10:00-10:30Ta break10:30- 12:00The procurement cycle12:00Leave for lunchDay 4 8:00- 8:15Recap, Q and A8:15 – 10:00Principles of public procurement and concept of ethical conduct and how it is relevant to procurement.10:00-10:30Tea break10:30- 12:00Roles and responsibilities of key bodies and individuals in procurement12:00Leave for lunchDay 5 8:00- 8:15Recap, Q and A8:15 – 10:00Roles and Responsibilities of key bodies and Individuals in procurement (cont.)10:00-10:30Tea break10:30- 12:00Practicing the roles and responsibilities in procurement by using with role plays.12:00Leave for lunchDay 6 8:00- 8:15Recap, Q and A8:15 – 10:00Different procurement method, Identifying when each of the procurement method is appropriate to use10:00-10:30Tea break

10:30- 12:00Practicing in procurement methods using with questions in group work.12:00Leave for lunchDay 7 8:00- 8:15Recap, Qs and As.8:15 – 10:00More explanations and exercises on different tasks of Procurement

Steps in tendering process and response management stage for open competitive bidding-preparation stage, invitation to tender/advertizing stage

10:00-10:30Tea break10:30- 12:00 Contract and contract management, the obligations of the contracting parties, contract preparation an signature, reporting,

.12:00Leave for lunchDay 8 8:00- 8:15Recap, Qs and As.8:15 – 10:00Participants were divided into groups acting as different key bodies in procurement by using role plays taking part the executive secretary, procurement officer, district tender committee, district engineer, bid opening committee, departments, MOI, the Mayor, the council ( the issue of the role play was from the assessment needs to project implementation10:00 -10:30Tea Break10:30- 12:00Exercises and role plays continued.Day 9 8:00- 10:00Overview of the topics covered during the training10:00– 10:30Tea Break10:30– 11:00Evaluation of training11:00-12:00Closing the training workshop.




As per the agreement between KAALO and UNPOS, KAALO conducted 9 days procurement and contract management training for each of two new districts called Jariban and Eil and one refresher training in mature district which is Garowe. The training activities were carried out very well and in a way the participants interested very much.

As the district leaders and training participants stated Procurement and Contract management training was very important to them, because this type of training was new to them and they have forecasted that district procurement activities will come in the district in near future so they must get knowledge about it before hand.

In Jariban and Eil, after many practices on procurement and contract management training participants showed more confident on conducting their own district procurement without any need for outside help.

The trainings were very significant and memorable ones. The districts were safe, calm and there were no any difficulties or challenges.

The training was conducted in:

  • Jariban, on 22nd -30th August 2012,
  • Eil, on 1st -9th September 2012
  • Garowe, on 9th -10th September, 2012


The purpose of this training is to ensure that the districts implement equitable basic service delivery in a participatory, accountable and transparent manner.


  • Explanations and definitions
  • Brainstorming
  • Questions and Answers
  • Group discussions     and group work
  • Presentations
  • Role Plays

Topics covered

Procurement Overview Training, Module C

Overview of implementation and procurement

ü  What are the district planning and budgeting Guidelines?

ü  Steps in the guidelines

ü  Tasks and responsibilities

Procurement and Contract Management

ü  What is procurement?

ü  Procurement Principles and Ethical Conduct

ü  Roles and Responsibilities

ü  Procurement Methods

ü  Contracts an Contract Management

The trainers referred to Local government Procurement Guidelines, District Bidding Documents and Bid Opening and Bid Evaluation Documents.


Materials used:

  • Note books
  • Markers
  • Pens
  • flip chart and flip stand
  • projector
  • Computer
  • Scotches


The following documents were distributed to the participants:

42 copies of translated Procurement Participants book (Somali version)

20 copies of Sample of Bidding Documents

20 copies of Sample of Bid opening and Bid Evaluation Documents

4 copies of Procurement Guidelines, 2 copies for each district


Target community members

  1. Councilors
  2. Executive Secretary
  3. Head of Departments
  4. Procurement officers
  5. District Engineer
  6. Admin/Finance officer
  7. Internal Auditor

Jariban, 21st -28th August 2012

The sessions of procurement training started with recites of verses from Quran read by one of the participants and introduction. One of the trainers explained the objectives of the training, the UN agencies that united for JPLG, the funding Agency and the role of the Ministry of Interior and Local Government in JPLG. He also explained expected outcome and the duration of the training.

Mr. Abdikarim Mahamud Hassan, the Mayor of Jariban District officially opened the workshop.  In his opening remarks he explained about the district and its main resources such as livestock and fisheries. The Mayor said the importance of the workshop for the targeted people, who are members from the district council including the Mayor, heads of departments, Executive Secretary, Procurement officer, District Engineer, Admin/Finance and Internal Audit. He called these people “the Machine of the District” who after training will be able to handle their works in   proper ways. The Mayor asked the participants to ensure their participation and seek to achieve knowledge from the training.

He thanked to JPLG UN organizations with the funding Agency for the Projects aimed to build the capacity of the local governments and improve the ways they deliver the services for their people.  He also thanked to the facilitators from KAALO for facilitating the training.

Mr. Abdikarim, the Mayor officially opened the training.

The training was designed into two parts one for 2 days Orientation of Module C for the Mayor and members from the council and 7 days for the staff but they requested to participate in all the sessions of the 9 days. As trainers we accepted their request for mainly the following reasons:

ü  There was refreshment for all of them in the 9days;

ü  The participants were seeking for knowledge

ü  There were no any challenges compelling us to reject their request.

Eil, 1st -8th September 2012

One of the participants recited verses from Quran for opening the training workshop. Mr. Faisal Khalif Wa’ays , the Vice Mayor officially opened the training workshop. in his remarks, he welcomed the trainers to Garowe and the participants to the training. Mr. Faisal vividly spoke the importance of the training for the local government of Eil indicating the need for knowledge and experience from any organization to the district council and local government staff. He thanked to UN organizations and KAALO for funding and sponsoring this training and implementing the training respectively.

The Vice Mayor asked the participants to try to gain knowledge from the training and requested them to respect the trainers and be punctual.

The trainings were successfully completed as they were planned.



Garowe, 9th – 10th September 2012

Procurement Refresher Training workshop began in Garowe for District Mayor, Executive Secretary, heads of Departments and District Tender committee. Mr. Abdiaziz Elmi Nur, the Mayor officially opened the training. In his opening remarks he warmly welcomed the participants and trainers to the workshop. He stated the importance of procurement trainings and knowledge that his District Council and Local Government Staff have gained form former procurement trainings that were held for Garowe district council and the staff before.  The Mayor mentioned several projects implemented in the district that have been implemented following the procurement guidelines. Mr. Abdiaziz requested the participants to show full participation and be punctual. The Mayor thanked ILO and UNPOS for sponsoring and funding the project and KAALO for implementing the training.

The procurement refresher training was successfully implemented with obtaining the expected achievements.

Local Economic Assessment in Garowe and Jariban

As per the plan KAALO Team began Local Economic Assessment in Eil 14/08 and finished 18/08/2012 and began Jariban 20/08/ and finished 25/08/2012. 132 questionnaires were filled. The type of the people interviewed encompassed business people both whole sales and retailers, construction companies, livestock owners, farmers and fishing communities.


S/N Location Activities No. trained Carried out
1. Jariban LEA ü
2. Eil LEA ü
1. Jariban Procurement Training 20 ü
2. Eil Procurement Training 20 ü
3. Garowe Refresher training 11 ü


  • For the new districts, all the participants obtained enough knowledge on Procurement and Contract Management such as what procurement is, procurement cycle, procurement principles, procurement methods, tendering process the separation of roles and responsibilities, bid opening and bid evolution and contract management.
  • Each trainee received a procurement participants’ book translated into Somali, a sample of bidding documents, a sample of bid opening documents, etc.
  • For the mature District, the participants gained knowledge that will improve their service for public procurement.


  • For Local Economic Assessment team, it was in the middle of Ramadan the Muslim Holy month and the people were fasting, therefore the people asked to postpone the activities until September which was impossible for the Team particularly in Jariban this challenge delayed the activities for one day until the problem was solved by explaining and reasoning the time and activities which were due to take place.
  • For Garowe District, one of the most challenges was disturbances in the sessions made by clients of the local government who were seeking for services from offices of some of the participants. This was because the workshop was held in the local government meeting hall which is close to their offices.
  • The time was short and the fund came little bit late and as such that affected the plan of the activities.
  • The Mayors of Jariban and Eil were in Garowe for meetings, and that compelled us to wait them for a while, because it was difficult for us to go to the districts without the Mayors or Vice Mayors for several reasons.
  • It was the last days of Ramadan, the Holy month of Islam, the people wanted to celebrate with their families therefore it was to wait until they finish their celebration.


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