Installation of Street lights, and distribution of Energy-saving Stoves to Reduce protection risks and needs

Distribution of 300 energy-saving stoves to vulnerable women and girls

KAALO distributed 300 energy-saving stoves to vulnerable women and girls in 7 IDPs in Garowe IDPs (Jilab1, Jilab 2, Jiingadaha, Shabeele, Alkheyraad and Burtinle IDPs (Ladan &Barwaaqo) and the distribution of these items were aimed to mitigate protection risks and contribute to a feeling of safety and dignity for women and girls and contribute to reduced vulnerability to GBV since women will seldom go to the bush to collect firewood and It will also help to reduce the amount of time that women spend collecting firewood.

Installation of 15 Street lights:

KAALO installed 15 Street lights in Jilab 1 and Jilab 2 IDP Camp in Garowe, Ladan, and Barwaqo IDP in Burtinle the aims were to reduce protection risks in these high-density and overpopulated areas. The presence of streetlights will enhance safety and security for the camp residents by providing better visibility and reducing the risk of accidents, crime, and violence. The streetlights will particularly benefit vulnerable groups such as women, children, and the elderly, promoting their freedom of movement and access to essential services while decreasing the likelihood of gender-based violence.

Provision solar torches to 200 vulnerable households

KAALO distributed 200 portable household solar lamps to Garowe and Burtinle IDPs and the main objective was to contribute to their safety and security, in particular women and girls who are at risk when walking long distances alone to fetch water and firewood or when using latrines during the evening or at night. The solar lamps are multi-functional, with a removable flashlight and phone charger and 3 lamps to provide women access to phone charging and cascade the same to access to information.

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